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main binary


should give

   creating: quake3/
  inflating: quake3/ioq3ded.arm      
   creating: quake3/lib/
  inflating: quake3/lib/  
  inflating: quake3/lib/    
  inflating: quake3/lib/  
 extracting: quake3/         
   creating: quake3/baseq3/
  inflating: quake3/baseq3/  
  inflating: quake3/baseq3/  
  inflating: quake3/baseq3/  
  inflating: quake3/ioquake3.arm 

Check the files are executable have 'x' enabled for user

cd quake3
ls -all


  • binaries aren't built with the same GPU firmware (I think).
vchiq_lib: Very incompatible VCHIQ library - cannot retrieve driver version
* failed to open vchiq instance

Fix it with a new binary.


If you downloaded directly in to the 'quake3' folder, then you'll need to rename it.

mv ioquake3.arm ioquake3.arm.orig
mv ioquake3.arm.1 ioquake3.arm

and make the new code executable

chmod +x ioquake3.arm
  • No PAK files

If you see this.

----- FS_Startup -----
Current search path:

0 files in pk3 files

pak0.pk3 is missing. Please copy it
from your legitimate Q3 CDROM.

Point Release files are missing. Please
re-install the 1.32 point release.

Also check that your Q3 executable is in
the correct place and that every file
in the baseq3 directory is present and readable.
Couldn't load default.cfg

go here for more help


wget\ Demo\

extract the contents of the zip and put them in the baseq3 folder

unzip Q3\ Demo\
mv ./baseq3/pak* ./quake3/baseq3

run quake3


Known Limitations

Audio doesn't work yet.