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First Boot

Flash your RPi with a vanilla build of debian using the resources [1] [2] & [3].

Connect to your TV, net and apply power. In order for the HDMI to detect my TV I needed to have the TV set to the correct channel before powering up the RPi.

Let the debian first boot setup run through, the on screen notes stated that the code may hang. I found that just leaving the process to run it will complete after about 5 minutes.


Login for the first time.

username: pi

password: raspberry

Change Default Password

It important to change the default user password in order to protect your RPi security when connected to the Internet.

Enter the following command to change pi's password.

 sudo passwd pi 

The follow the instructions, note the programme will discourage the use of weak passswords, consider adding at least one capital leter and one number.

Reboot the RPi by cycling the power or using the code:

sudo shutdown -r now

When asked enter your new password to authorise your super user command.

sudo, is command that enables a user to assume super user privledges.

shutdown -r now, codes the shutdown command to restart at the time now.


  1., get your first imager file here.
  3., follow these notes for burning your image to an SD card.