Installing EW-7811Un WifiDongle

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Installation Script

MrEngMan over at RaspberryPi Forums has developed a script to support the installation of all rtl8188 based Wifi devices. [1], this includes the EW-7811Un.

Ethernet / Internet Enabled

Requires an RPi with an existing wired LAN with internet available.

Do not plug in your dongle until instructed to do so by the script.

Access a command line window and run the following commands:

  • Download the install script
  • Execute the Script with superuser privileges
sudo bash

you should be presented with the following:

This script will install the driver for Realtek RTL8188CUS based wifi adapters
and update the software to the latest version using apt-get and rpi-update.

1. It can install a new driver if you do not already have the rtl8188cus driver
   installed and have no other wifi adapter installed.
2. It can install a wifi adapter using the rtl8188cus driver if you have a wifi
   adapter using a different driver already installed.
3. If the driver is already installed it will update the driver and software, or
   allow you to add an different wifi adapter using the rtl8188cus driver so you
   can switch between them if you want to, e.g. unplug one and plug in another,
   or even connect two wifi adapters at the same time.
4. It can repair a broken driver. e.g. if you have updated the software and the
   wifi has stopped working it will update the driver to a working version if
   one is available.

If you are installing your first wifi adapter or adding a new one do not plug it
in until told to do so. If you have a wifi adapter already installed and now it
is not working due to a recent software update unplug it now and plug it back in
when the script tells you to.

If you don't have a working wifi adapter but do have a wired network with access
to the internet connect the internet cable. Files needed for the installation
will be downloaded from the internet.

If you have a working wifi adapter and it is plugged in do not unplug it. It
will be used to download files needed for the installation from the internet.

Press any key to continue... 

With access to the internet the script will attempt to download the required files and install the drivers and device firmware automatically.

Allow the script to proceed and enter your wifi 'SSID' and 'passphrase' and when prompted plug in your wifi dongle.

If the script errors out, read the notification and fix the problems before retrying. If the problems are unable to download the files, try getting the files manually (see below).

What to do if your RPi doesn't have Internet

Requires a PC with SD card reader and access to the internet.

Under Linux

Mount your RPi SD card in your existing system and download the following files to /boot on the SD card.

Replace /media/sdcard with the appropriate mount point of your SD card.

cd /media/sdcard0/boot
sudo wget
sudo wget
sudo wget

Unmount the SD card, install it in your RPi and boot. Navigate to the /boot directory and run the script as per Installing_EW-7811Un_WifiDongle#Ethernet / Internet Enabled.

Windows Users

Windows occasionally has a few problems with text files and converts them to DOS format. Your RPi linux system won't understand the DOS file format (mostly line breaks) and will throw errors such as file not found.

Converting to DOS format seems to happen most often when moving files around from one device to another or when emailing files.

If you encounter problems try minimising the number of file copies by directly downloading to your SD boot folder.

Download the following files

Once you've got the files on to your SD card process with the installation as per Installing_EW-7811Un_WifiDongle#Ethernet / Internet Enabled.

Confirmed working with

  • 2012-07-15-wheezy-raspbian [2]


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