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Garmin Geko 301

The Garmin Geko 301 is a candidate GPS for use with the Raspberry Pi on projects such as RaspberryTortoise. It is an obsolete hand held GPS system designed for Hiking and GPS games.


  1. Small and low power for a hand held GPS.
  2. Differential GPS that gives added accuracy, this works in the UK using free european satellites designed to provide this additional differential GPS service.
  3. Electronic compass to provide orientation.
  4. Supports standard NMEA messages
  5. RS232 serial is simple to use
  6. Barometer for altitude. (For when RaspberryTortoise gets its rocket pack)
  7. Acts as a GPS data logger
  8. Has potential to contain preloaded tracks or waypoints for navigation.
  9. Will potentially calculate additional information such as speed or distance away from a route.
  10. Software available to manage data on GPS.
  11. Obsolete and can be found for sale second hand. (not colour or USB so considered outdated)


  1. Bigger than a GPS module
  2. Requires two AAA batteries or a 3.0v supply. (3.3v is NOT close enough)
  3. Connector is not standard.
  4. RS232 level outputs require level shifter for Raspberry Pi input.
  5. Discontinued.