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This page describes the disassmbly of the 2010 version of BigTrak


  • 3mm posi-drive screwdriver
  • 5mm posi-drive screwdriver
  • Jewellers screwdrivers or small flat head screwdrivers.
  • Wire cutting snips or a soldering iron.
  • ESD mat.
Take suitable ESD precautions when handling any electronics that you want to remain functional.


Remove your Big Trak from it packaging. Put the sticker package and user guide to one side. Remove any polystrene packaging from the EPA.

Big Trak Boxed Big Trak Unboxed


Battery Hatch

Turn over and undo the two screw holding the battery hatch and remove the first 7 retaining screws that secure the top.

Remove the battery hatch and the 2 further screws at the rear as shown.

Big Trak Underside Big Trak Underside

Rear Grill

The grey grill at the rear hides the 2 remain screws that secures the top.

The grill is retained by 4 plastic clips and is not easily removed, in order to not damage the rear wheels first remove them by taking out the screws in the hub.

Remove the grill using small the flat head screwdrivers to press in the plastic tabs. The locations of the 4 tabs are shown below.

Remover the two screws revealed. The top cover should now be free, take care to not seperate the top from the main assembly and turn the unit over.

Remove the rear wheels Remove the rear grill

Top Cover

Carefully slide the top cover to one side, note the length of the flexi-cable to the touch pad and the 5 way ribbon cable to the switch are still attached to the top and main board.

Unclip the 4 grey tabs holding the grey surround of the touch pad. Unscrew the socket that secures the flexi-cable to the main board. Release the flexi-cable from the main board by lifting it free of the locating pins.

Unscrew the switch assembly from the top surround.

Move the cover to one side Remover the switch assembly

Main Assembly

Release the speaker and LED (photon cannon) by removing the two screws shown.

Snip or Desolder the main power leads from the battery housing.

The drive assembly should now be free of the main chassis.

Disable the Photon Cannon Desolder the power leads

Drive Assembly

Desolder or snip free the speaker and LED.

Remove the 3 screws closest to the main board, tunr over and seperate the main drive assembly to reveal the motors and gear.

The encoders for the motors are monitoring the second stages gears and are linked through to the main board.

Remove the speaker and LED Reveal the two motors and gears

Main Circuit Card (Top & Bottom)

2010 Rev 1.0

Rev 1.0 Main Board Top Rev 1.0 Main Board Bottom

2010 Rev 2.0

Rev 2.0 Main Board Top Rev 2.0 Main Board Bottom

Component Set

Components of a Big Trak


The 2010 variant of the Big Track is internally different to the original [1]

Work on Understanding the drive electronics continues here Big Trak Circuits

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